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Information Required by the Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities

The Transparency Code is part of the Government’s desire to place more power into citizens’ hands to increase democratic accountability. Transparency gives local people the tools and information they need to hold local public bodies to account.


Avon Dassett Parish Council is required by the code to publish the following information:


  1. Details of all items of expenditure over £100
    1. this information is attached to the minutes of the meeting in which the expenditure was approved.
  2. Annual governance statement
    1. ​the Annual Governance Statements are available on our Annual Governance Statements page
  3. Internal audit report
    1. ​the Internal Audit Reports are available on our Internal Audit Reports page
  4. List of councillor responsibilities
    1. ​details about our councillors and their responsibilities are available on our  Our Councillors page
  5. The details of public land and building assets
    1. ​this information is available within the annual Fixed Assets Schedule produced as part of our year end procedures and is available on our Assets Register page. It is also used as a part of the annual review of our insurance requirements. 
  6. Minutes, agendas and meeting papers of formal meetings
    1. ​minutes and agendas are uploaded to this website in accordance with the publication requirements. Please follow the link to the respective pages Minutes and Agendas.

The full details of the code are available below.

Transparency Code For Small Authorities
This document was issued by The Department For Communities and Local Government In December 2014 and gives the details of the requirements under the code.
Transparency Code for Smaller Authoritie[...]
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