Avon Dassett Parish Council
Avon Dassett Parish Council

How We Communicate With You

Avon Dassett Parish Council has 5 main ways by which we will communicate with the various groups of interested parties:

  1. by ensuring that at all times important information and updates are available on this website.
  2. by the use of our email facility whereby subscribers agree that we can comminicate via email. This facility is secure and we will not divulge any personal information held on our database for the purpose of communicating with subscribers.
  3. Anyone interested in subscribing to this facility can:
    • ​send us a comminication via the Contact Us page on this website
    • contact any Parish Councillor who will be pleased to make the necessary arrangements
    • send us an email to either clerk@avondassettparishcouncil.com giving us your email address, home address and a contact telephone number
  4. by posting updates to the village chat group on WhatsApp. If you would like to be added to this group please send a text to the administrators on  07706 446024 or ‭ 07775 762927
  5. by putting notices on the Avon Dasssett Parish Council notice board giving important updates and notices of any meetings
  6. by ensuring that regular updates are given to our local magazine The Compton Chronicle. This magazine is delivered to every property in Avon Dassett, Fenny Compton and Farnborough
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