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Promoted by the Tree Council, here is a growing network of volunteer tree wardens across the country. Often these are coordinated at a county level. While there is there is currently no coordinator in Warwickshire. The County Council is keen to promote the role of volunteer tree wardens.


A volunteer Tree Warden has been appointed in Avon Dassett.


The Tree Warden monitors the health and maintenance of all public trees with the village and liaises with the relevant authorities for new planting and to report necessary remedial work. In addition the Tree Warden will be consulted on any proposed tree planting in public areas. The scope of the Tree Warden’s role includes the following:


  • Surveying trees and gathering information about them
  • Providing early warning of threats, disease, decay or vandalism
  • Involving the community in tree projects
  • Championing local trees and woods
  • Planting and caring for trees
  • Woodland management
  • Establishing tree nurseries using seeds collected locally


The Tree Warden can obtain support and advice from The Tree Council; it is recommended that The Tree Warden join the Council - https://treecouncil.org.uk/


No personal liability attaches to the role.


Contact details are as follow:

William Phayer

Email: wphayer@gmail.com

Mobile: 07708 653396




We are located at:

Avon Dassett Parish Council

The Reading Room

Avon Dassett



CV47 2AL


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