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In 2017 Avon Dassett Parish Council with assistance from Warwickshire Ambulance Service and funding from the Big Lottery Fund, were able to purchase and install a defibrillator in Avon Dassett. It is situated outsideThe Reading Room in the middle of the village.


With the assistance of the Warwickshire Ambulance Service, 12 local residents were trained in the use of the equipment, and following training, 10 local residents agreed to be placed on a call out service operated by Numbers Plus.


In all cases access to the defibrillator will follow a call to 999 and the ambulance service will decide if the defibrillator is required. If this is the case, then one of the following will apply:


1. If the caller is near the defibrillator and confident that they can use the equipment then the ambulance service could advise the caller of the release code, and the caller can then have access. Following this the caller will be guided at every step by the ambulance service. Under no circumstances should be equipment be used without the specific request of the ambulance service.

2. If the caller is not able to use the equipment for whatever reason, or cannot leave the patient, then the ambulance service will initiate the call out process contacting each volunteer in turn until they can identify someone who is able to assist. The volunteer will then be given the access code and as above they will be guided every step of the way by the ambulance service.

3. When the defibrillator has been deployed it is taken by the West Midlands Ambulance Service for checking. It is then returned.  New pads will need to be ordered before the defibrillator can be returned into service.


The Parish Council asks that residents do not try to contact any trained staff directly, all contact must be via the Warwickshire Ambulance Service.

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Avon Dassett Parish Council has appointed Jo Jarman as our Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer.


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