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Avon Dassett Parish Council
Avon Dassett Parish Council

Welcome to the Avon Dassett Parish Council Website

About The Council

Avon Dassett Parish Council meets monthly in The Reading Room usually on the first Monday of each month. The meetings are open to any member of the public who wishes to attend and all are welcome.


If anyone wishes to attend for a specific purpose or to raise a specific problem or concern it would be very helpful if they would advise our clerk in advance of the meeting so that we can ensure that specific time is made available for any discussion etc that is needed.

What We Do


  1. ensure that the street lighting  is maintained and pay for the electricity
  2. manage the village playground
    • regularly reviewing the equipment and fencing
    • arranging for an annual external review 
    • ensuring that the grass is mown.
  3. arrange and pay for the mowing of the green areas in the village including the playground, cemetary, village green and highway verges
  4. alert the necessary local authority regarding issues relating to roads and drains
  5. manage and maintain the cemetery in conjunction with the Cemetery Manager
  6. arrange for the maintenance of the tubs that decorate the village
  7. manage and arrange for maintenance of the Reading Room
  8. will maintain the defibrilator and ensure that there are sufficient volunteers who can use this facility in the case of an emergency



We are bound by a Code of Conduct set by Government mandate, and we perform regular Risk Assessments to support our decision taking.


We also create and maintain a development plan for the Parish and an Emergency Plan dictating the local response to any major incident affecting the parish.


We are not responsible for planning applications / approvals (but we are consultees), car parking / traffic management or local housing allocation / maintenance.

We are located at:

Avon Dassett Parish Council

The Reading Room

Avon Dassett



CV47 2AL


Contact us today!

If you wish to contact us you can do so by:


Email: For our clerk:


or for our Chair


Phone to our clerk - Helen Hide-Wright:


07713 892835


Our clerk is a part time role and it is possible that she might not be always available to receive telephone calls. However, if she is not available please leave her a message and she will deal with it as soon as possible.


Or use our

How You Communicate With Us 

contact form.

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