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Avon Dassett Emergency Plan

Avon Dassett Parish Council maintains an Emergency Plan in conjunction with the CSW Resilience Team.


It is reviewed and updated on an Annual Basis and the reviews are timed to coincide with the Parish Council Annual Meetings.


The Plan sets out the principles and guidelines for actions to be initiated in the event of an Emergency and provides the details of locations to be used and contact numbers for all key stakeholders.


It should be remembered that in normal circumstances, Stratford on Avon District Council and Warwickshire County Council resources will be utilised to respond to the effects of a major incident. However, it is the Parish Council that will serve as a focal point within the community and will be  the direct line into the community for the Emergency Planning Unit.


In an emergency, the Emergency Planning Unit will contact the Parish Council as necessary to discuss ways in which the Council might assist. This 'role' could include:

  1. Providing "local knowledge" for the Emergency Services
  2. Establishing a co-ordinating link with Parish/Town Councillors and local Voluntary Groups as necessary
  3. Relaying information and instructions to the local community
  4. Providing information about persons who may require additional support during an emergency
  5. Ensuring that any premises owned by the Council which may be required for emergency use are available, e.g. The Reading Room
  6. Assisting and organising local help if required to set up evacuation centres, feeding centres, information and enquiry points


NB.We are required to maintain a list of residents falling into point 4 above. This information is held for emergency purposes only and will not be divulged to anyone except in the unlikely event that the Emergency Procedures are invoked.


If anyone feels that they should be included on this list or if you know of anyone who would potentially need to be included please contact either our clerk or chair.

Avon Dassett Emergency Plan
Avon Dassett Emergency Plan Approved 9 May 2022

Certain information in this publicly available version has been deliberately redacted. This information, if required in an emergency, is available from any of our Councillors or our Clerk.
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