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Broadband In Avon Dassett

The CSW Broadband Team has been working over the last few years to bring acceptable levels of broadband infrastructure to towns and villages within their area. To visit the CSW Broadband website please follow the following link:




Within Avon Dasssett be have seen various levels of success with the delivery of broadband improvements, with the lower half of the village that received their service via the cabinet connected the the Farnborough Exchange connected in 2016 and the remaining properties still awating an improved facility.


The main areas that have not been connected can be split into 2 main areas:


Properties that were included in Contract 2 which should have been completed in 2018 but are still not connected

  • Bitham Hall
  • Properties from The Reading Room and up the village
  • Properties in the vacinity of the village Cemetery


Propeties that are to be included in Contract 3  and do not receive their telephone lines etc via the cabinet in the village but are connected directly to the Farnborough Exchange:


  • Avon Carrow
  • A small number of properties in the vacinity of Avon Carrow that are connected direct to the Farnborough exchange

Avon Dassett Parish Council has for many months been trying to arrange for representatives of the CSW Broadband project to either meet with them or to give a presentation to residents and to provide an opportunity for residents to recieve information regarding the delivery of broadband to the village and to submit questions to the project team on specific issues relating to the contracts and delivery in the village.


Prior to the Annual Meetings on 13 May 2019 the project team gave us a summary of issues relating to Avon Dassett and also an overview of the processes undertaken to decide which properties are included in the various contact deliverables.


We have subsequently received written responses to the questions and also details of how residents can check if the improved broadband service is available to them.


To check whether the enhanced broadband service is available to you please follow the following link:


Is Broadband Available To You


To access the questions raised by residents and the responses received from the CSW  Broadband team please follow the following link:


Residents Questions 2019


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