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St John's Church

The present church was built in 1868 on the site of an earlier church dating from the Norman era. The architect was Charles Buckeridge.


The church was declared redundant on 11 May 1983 and was vested in the Churches Conservation Trust.


It is still used very occasionally for concerts or community events.


Between May 2007 and September 2008 work was carried out on the spire at a cost of about £700,000, with the result that the church bells were rung on 21 February 2009, the first time for some decades.


The church is still able to be used for religious services.


St John’s Church is an underutilised asset in Avon Dassett and several additional facilities have been identified on order that St John's Church can be more widely used for the benefit of the Churches Conservation Trust, the residents of Avon Dassseett and also residents of neighbouring villages.


There are three main items that need to be progressed being:

  • an upgrade to the electricity distribution board and a review of the mains feed into the Church
  • the provision  of toilet facilities
  • the installation of lighting

It is recognised that these are seen as "must haves" and that other items such as the provision of heating will not be cost effective and could be hired as and when required.


Please follow the links on the left hand side of this page to the individual  project business cases.


It must be recognised that all projects relating to St John's Church rely on approval by and co-operation from the Churches Conservation Trust.


In addition the Parish Council is not permitted by law to pay for or provide grants towards any projects that are initated by the Parish Council and involve any upgardes or increased facilities at St John's Church.


Any funding must be sought by the Churches Conservation Trust or by fund raising by local bodies other than the Parish Coouncil. 


The Parish Council will however undertake a lead role in trying to ensure that the facilities above are delivered.

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